What I love About Riverdale?


Riverdale is returning in october !!!!!!! who isnt excited? here are some of the reasons why people are head over heels over the upcoming season 2 of rivrdale.


The cast is our typical high school students, that are as crazy as anyone can be. From crazy funny scenes to dark sarcasm, everything is done well and white with this cast.

K.J. Apa is convincing as Archie. who seems to hold everything together on the series.

perfect girl next door with a dark secret. Betty, as portrayed by Lili Reinhart.

Camila Mendes is wonderfully convincing as Veronica. the rich girl who is trying to overcome her mean girl days.

Madelaine Petsch as Cheryl Blossom, who seems a mean girl at first, but has a lot of layers underneath her harsh exterior.

Cole Sprouse is excellent as Jughead.


probably the most fashionable small town and high school you will ever meet.

Even though the show is about a cozy town with a side river, yet fashion scenario is overwhelming. From Cheryl blosoms’s dark popular girl attire, to veronica’s newyork-ish mania, betty white’s girl next door thing. Nonetheless, Riverdale girl’s wardrobe is proof that mean girls always know how to dress for the occasion.

love Triangle

With archie, veronica and betty caught up in a love triangle the series can’t get any better. Though we all have our feels all up for BUGHEAD ( look away archikines !!! ) we still find ourselves intrigued by the love triangle that is slowly taking place within the trio.


Mysteries, Secrets and Surprises.

A plot-twisting murder mystery, where characters all keep a dirty little secret to themselves, one they dare not tell anyone or the scenario will completely change.

Who killed Jason? Who shot Fred? Who was FP protecting? What is Polly’s secret? What is dark betty? What is nice jughad?

Strong Female Characters.

When a group of girls get slut shamed by the school’s football team, the girls band together and come up with a brilliant plan to exact revenge. Even the school’s resident mean girl, Cheryl Blossom, gets in on the action, agreeing to temporarily bond with the others to get even.

Betty, being a good daughter and a friend, stood up to her sister and for her friends, worked the hardest among anyone on this series to work out what happened with Jason, one who worried the most about what happened to Jason and how is affecting everyone around her, one who bought jughead back and proved FP’s innocence.

Cheryl blossom, Who won’t take none’s shit. Will always stand up for herself and for the others. One who l is trying to transform into a better version of herself, one who had more hand in her friendship with betty, one who gave her courage.

Cheryl blossom, one who did all she could to grow apart from her family’s controlling persona, who worked on showing her stronger  rather than weak.


Josie And The Pussycats

Those high notes!!!!!!!!

Stereotypical High school Students.

Betty the pony-tailed blonde good girl that lives next door to Archie and she seems perfect in every possible way, right down to her being a cheerleader.

Kevin, Betty’s gay best friend, because good girls always have one of those, right. Usually, it’s Veronica who comments on these stereotypes, addressing Archie’s struggle with football and music, “Can’t we just liberate ourselves from the tired dichotomy of jock/artist? Can’t we, in this post-James Franco world, be all things at once?” The show has a lot of fun with the stereotypes.



Riverdale has one of the best friend zones. With betty-Archie relationship we have a mutually understanding affection. Veronica-Betty or more like “B AND V” are literally bestie goalsss!!!.gay best Kevin, and weird friend jughead, all make the friendship between our OT5 even more compatible.



It makes us want Sprouse’s moody, noir-style vocals detailing everything for the rest of time Sprouse brings the character to life in a way like we’ve never seen before. Even the most critical of Archie fans will get behind finally seeing this famous character in action, and we would like to report that he does not disappoint on Riverdale.




Okay this ship is sailing, believe me or no, not just that there were rumors of the making out on the set, the actors both personally were involved in their characters and took it to their heart to make them seem in love and compassionate. Lily reinhart also persuaded the director to add the second kiss initiate by betty to show that she is equally in love with jughead.