What Is The Role Of Kpop Industry In Demise Of Jonghyun?

It is time to address the stigma of mental health issues in kpop now. On 18 Dec, the world of Kpop lost an immense jewel. It is hard for every single person around him to get over from the death of their favourite Kpop artist Kim Jonghyun. He was a beloved person. Someone who was loved every single day every single time by his fans, Blingers and Shawols alike.

Yet he felt so alone. And he was so open about his depression. He faced it with a Brave face.

This is the part that hurts the most. How come someone with this height of popularity and fame start to loose their path into the dark? HoW come come nobody stood by him? How come nobody, not even the SHINee members could foresee this huge disaster? Why NOTs SM, the most powerful company in SoK couldn’t keep jonghyun off the bay? The answer to all these is simple.

It doesn’t matter to then how depressed and mentally ill an artist is.

Kpop industry is all about competition. One has to be better than the rest or its nothing. All they need from an artist is to be better and best and working all the time without breaks. with their schedule fed from their company. They don’t even hire people or train people with depression. If the artist becomes depressed later in life. It is dumped on him that he lied about his health condition being perfect before and he is expelled. They even drop word to other companies that this artist is depressed , so as not to hire him. Maybe this is what jonghun-ah was afraid of. since Taemin and Jonghyun debuted as solos, jonghyun had half of what taemin had, which probably lowers his expectations from company.



Many Artists are Depressed. Yet Ignored.



Suicide Rate In Korea

In Korean, it’s a taboo o bring the topic of mental health up/. I don’t know much about west countries. But being a south-asian, I will speak on central, East, south, and southeast asia.expectatioopns and constants pressure increases stress and other mental health issues. The suicde rates are increasing in Asia, with SiriLanka , Mongolia, Kazakhistan and South Korea having top suicide rates.

It is time to speak up againt tough route of kpop. Artists should be given time and space to work out their energy. Or else , we might have more jonghyuns.

RIP Kim Jonghyun.

Jonghyun Jonghyun Jonghyun Jonghyun


One thought on “What Is The Role Of Kpop Industry In Demise Of Jonghyun?

  • December 21, 2017 at 9:33 pm

    I wish, also, that the Kpop Industry would allow more flexible schedules, more humane treatment of the idols; yes they sell us a dream, but they are allowed to be humans, to have feelings, needs, desires, aspirations and a life outside their careers. I think that the trainee life is way too harsh, and later, being being condemned to contractual celibacy is inhumane treatment. That is why they are so alone; they sacrifice the best years of their lives for their companies and fans and we take take and take and can’t give back what every human strives; a special singular significant special relationship. Having the love of millions of fans is good, having a supportive family is amazing, but it will never feel and fulfill the same way a special love relationship can affect and fulfill any human.

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