jonghyun is Gone!! Will SHINee Stay The Same??


Jonghyun is gone.

He is gone. Jonghyun has left us all. He is not just gone, but left his SHAwols, his defenders back. Not just a light went out, but the world of kpop has lost a jewel.  And the fact that he did this by choice (suicide) makes it even more horrible. I wish there were more words to describe how I feel. Kim Jonghyun is what happened today.


I became a Shawol in 2012. When I saw SHINee in ASC. Being A Shawol means more than just a fan girl. It meant OT5 FOREVER. It means they are all equal to us . meant that we have to be loyal to them. It means that shine is abvove all. That we respect them as artists. But I never ever imagined I would be so devastated  after those years. By the demise of such an angel. Jonghyun was amazing. His vocals, his dance, his hardwork. All gone !!! and not just the people he did this because of, but also us are responsible for it. We , the Shawols, we loved and adored him. We cared for him. Cherished him. This is beyong sadness.


SHINee is not the same without JJong

What is shine if not OT5? Whatr is shine if not jonghyun’s high notes? What is shipping if not Jongkey? What is love if not his passion for all of us? JONGHYUN’S voice will give me chills till the day I live.

What makes it even more hard to suppress is that he was about to do a damn good Show. He was gonna be on Golden Night. He was gonna be amazing. He was gonna b loved.

After his death, jonghyun became no. 1 trending topic on twitter.

My condolences to all SHINee members. The lost was theirs the most. To the family of Jonghyun. For they lost a son , a Brother. He will be missed the most.

Rest In Peace Jjong.