Jab Harry Met Sejal – Movie Review




Movie : Jab Harry Met Sejal

Directed by : Imtiaz Ali

Cast : Shah Rukh Khan, Anoushka Sharma

Genre : Romantic , Comedy


“ Jab Harry Met Sejal “ was released on . this movie was one of the most-awaited movies of the year. Reason simply being The SRK being the cast of it. Any movie by shah rukh khan is sure to be a hit.

This movie has a funny-to-the-end story where we have Sejal (anoushka) , a rich girl , who lost her engagement ring and is now looking for it with the charismatic tour guide Harry ( SRK). They both search for the ring throughout the Europe, and this search brings them closer to each other, with sejal finding freedom and sense of security in harry’s presence, and harry gets the deeper understanding of relationshsips and love. They both find the needed romance solace in each other’s company and laugh their hearts out to the fun of life.




The films is filled with the cheesy romance scenes that are srk’s specialty. From unconventional back hugs to dancing your heart out, this film was an ultimate rom-com. The kiss at the end was breathtaking. Also the chemistry between anushka and shah rukh khan , which has been strengthening ever since “ Rab Ne Mila Di Jodi”, was ever more intense and solstice.



The graphics and the direction was superb. From Prague to Venus, the true beauty of Europe was authenticated. This movie is highly recommended to all the people who have a knack for watching a good cheesy and romance filled romcom.