How was 2017 for KPOP? A long Review

KPOP is growing into a subculture in 2017. That amasses millions and millions of young and old. But this year was characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements. How was 2017 for KPOP.

2017 has baught us so many surprises. From EXO breaking records. To SISTAR disbanding. All of these unexpected-ness has made 2017. This year started out with hopes and well wishes. Everybody looked over to Kpop ‘s further immensity. Some groups had the worst luck in 2017. Like SHINee and BigBang.  While some had huge success. Although second generation of Kpop has been seen making its way out in 2017. Many new Debutes have also been seen. Some that have had huge impact on kpop.


How was 2017 for KPOP


KARD AND Pristin had one of the most impacted debutes in 2017.


Kard debuted in 2017. they had many huge successes even before thier Debute. With Kard becoming the first official CO -ED GROUP in Kpop. it has huge successes with its summer album “Hola Hola”


Pristine debuted in 2017 with its two new members from I.O.I. While pristine gave the usual cute-girl was admired by fans all over the Korea with immense love. Also heechul promoted them on deasang awards by dancing to their song.




SISTAR disbanded on June 4 2017. This was one of the most sexy, beautiful and old second-generation group. Famous for its sexy music style and provocative lyrics.

Wonder Girls

Debuting under JYP in 2006.The group officially disbanded on January 26, 2017, after unsuccessful contract renewal negotiation with some of its members.

Miss A

Group famous for its member Suzy, officially disbanded on 27 Dec 2017. Brining a huge shock to the world of pop.


On September 22, 2017, Jo Kwon parted ways with JYP Entertainment, thus ending 2AM. Previous members had already decided not to renew contacts and some had left.

Huge Success



EXO have broken several records this year with their album “The War”. Exo have also received 23 Dasani awards, also known as grand prize awards, from various award shows.

BTS made its debut in America with the most amazing fan chants. Their popularity in USA blew everyone’s mind. Making them the highest-ranking artist in America.



Big Bang (T.O.P drug scandal)

With T.O.P issues, this year almost marked the fall of Big Bang and T.O.P.  this year was crazy for all the big Bang fans.


Miss A (Black face)

Since racism and feminism are at its peak. When Bomi from A pink tried to do a black face. This Created a stir in netizens.

SHINEE (Onews sexual Harassment scandal)

How was 2017 for KPOP?
How was 2017 for KPOP?

The scandal by onew created a havoc. SHINee was a band witch was an exception to scandals. This changed in 2017.


Iron’s Assault Sentence

Rapper Iron shocked us all when reports came in about him beating his girlfriend.
He was sentenced to 2 years of probation and 80 hours of community service, with 8 months of prison time if probation is broken.


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