Most Amazing Romance-Fiction Movies of The Decade !!!


Romance-Fiction movies is one of the most popular genres. It has one of the most popular movies, from The Host to The Beauty and the Beast, these movies were one of the most profitable. there are many This genre gives a broader spectrum of love stories and romance, one that can be between a human and any other creature, with a beats, with a E.T. , with a time traveler and many more. This makes the love story even more interesting and give a different vibe. Romance-Fiction movies the best time pass. they will make your time enjoyable. Not only that, it also gives the movie makers a chance to bring an original plot instead of a simple Romeo-Juliet or a happy-ending movie.  Following are some of the most fun Romance-Fiction movies .



Passengers veers from comedy to tragedy, from romance to action movie,this is one movie for romance lovers, filled with stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, this movie is total cheese. This movie showed us an obsession and passion that we rarely see.

About Time

The story is about a time traveler family, where men of the family can travel through time, its  about family, love, and the  allows you to realize what it might be like if you yourself could go back and “adjust” things a bit. It’s brilliant writing, clever, funny, and should be a big hit this holiday season. Don’t miss it. And the cinematography is brilliant.


The Time Traveler’s Wife

A funny yet amazing tale of boy meets girl with a twist: what if one of them couldn’t stop slipping in and out of time? the boy has no control over his time travel properties. yet the couple stays foerver together.Highly original and imaginative.this  raises questions about life, love, and the effects of time on relationships.

The Beauty and the Beast

one of my most favorite movies, it has a beautiful plot, one that is focused more on inner beauty than on the outer personality. this movie is the story of a Beast and a Beauty who fall for each other due to mutual interest and love. this movie shows us a deep understanding of love and care.

The Host

Story of an Extra Terrestrial romance, where a wanderer comes to earth in search of a home. In return save everyone on the planet and falls in love.

The Space Between US

The first human born on mars travels the earth for the first time . falls in love with a girl. But the physical condition of the boy makes it harder for their love to stay intact.

Romance-Fiction movies
Romance-Fiction movies

In Your Eyes

My personal Favorite !!!! it has amazinggg scene. Story of two poeple across the globe .who unintentionally create a connection among them and fall in love with a passion they have never felt before.

Romance-Fiction movies
Romance-Fiction movies

Warm Bodies

A zombie-human love story, that is very diffrent to pour traditional love stories. The zombies and humans together create a beautiful world in this movie, coming together as one.

Romance-Fiction movies
Romance-Fiction movies


Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Four teenage girls, best friends since birth, are seperated for the first time in their lives on one summer. on one final days when they go for shopping, they find a seemingly unfit jeans, that fit them all perfectly and hence they form a sisterhood .They part the next day, and the film focuses on each girl’s journey separately.

Romance-Fiction movies
Romance-Fiction movies