UET……does matter by Engr. M Asjad Saleem Raja, Resident Tutor, Q-Hall

UET…….does matter.

Engr. M Asjad Saleem Raja,

Resident Tutor, Q-Hall.

Published in Al-Mohandis-2007

Unfortunately, it has become our common habit to see the empty half rather than filled half of the cup. That is sometimes, we do not look at things at all angles before we judge to know what is right or wrong, and the way we see the world, governs how we react to it. Hence, changing the lens through which we see does matter. Let us try to see ‘the UET’ from a rather different perspective.

 First case: A student from “Defence”, Lahore is seen with his family on his first day at Q-Hall in UET. The boy is looking shabbily dressed, with his shirt flown out and his trousers half way his buttocks. The father said to the Resident Tutor (RT) of that hall, “Sir, my son has grown up in luxury, I’m afraid he is not going to adjust here. How will four or five boys stay in this small room? I don’t think he would be able to sleep over here.” The RT could only console him with a few words.

After three months, the same boy, whose father was looking worried about his adapting to the university environment, is fined for playing loud music.

UET…….does matter.
UET…….does matter.

 Let’s take another case: a father and son who are sitting outside at the canteen for breakfast. It’s the maiden breakfast of the fresh student in UET. The father is putting jam on the bread slice for his son, which was brought from home. The boy looks pale yellow as if he was imprisoned for four years. He is hardly able to swallow bites, with the fear of the unknown lurking around him.

The first semester is passed and the result shows his name on top over all.

One more case: A boy with his bag slung on his shoulders, mattress on his back and two hands full of luggage is seen passing through the dusty road of Taxila by the “Jandial Temple” to enter UET. He is alone, and the boy settles all the matters himself concerning registration, and gets allotted to his room, absorbs pressure form seniors, but does not get discouraged or filled with nostalgia. Instead moves on with his new life, getting more confident as his four years in UET passes.

The three cases, mentioned above, show the transformations experienced by the entrants into UET (and particularly the boarders).

Yesterday’s immature, slim-shouldered and carefree person turns into tomorrow’s mature, sensible, broad-shouldered and responsible person of the community and society. All this happens because UET gives him the opportunity to discover who he is, to discover his strength and weaknesses, and to fill the lapses in one’s personality and further strengthens it.

The fresh student form his first day to the day he graduates would have an improved personality. Each passing day makes him realize that he is a precious human being, blessed with qualities of both head and heart.

Be it his time of relaxation or late-sitting at canteens, visiting the ‘Sirkap Remains’ on a full-moon or hanging around the buses for Saddar, or Jinnah Super, all these activities add value to his person.

Be it prep days, sleepless nights, viva pressure, the sizzling heat of the weather, the romantic winds of Taxila, full-week trips to Northern areas, all these activities are introduced to the student when he becomes a UETian.

The common room thrills, pillow-fights, noise from running after each other, listening to melodious tunes, waiting at wash-rooms, picking the clothes of others while they are taking a bath, and enjoying the furious roars and plea, are all simply unforgettable by all who pass through this great alma mater.

Going home with red-faces, coming back to the university with sad faces, warnings and fines by the RT, mess roast, if I not boast, is it all worth-forgettable?

No, simply not……….

Have you ever thought and thanked the UET that applied this transformation upon you, while you were learning how to transform complex mathematical expressions? Let us pause, to think of this change in our persons, and realize how complete, confident and how much we can now fit in our society and the world at large and know that we owe it to our alma mater.

Thanks to ‘the UET’!

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