30+ Inspiring Quotes About Love

The complexity and heavenly chant of love has been an inspiration for many artists, painters, writers, poets and lovers for as long as the age of the world.  First-sight love, soul-enchanting mysterious love is what has made people fall deeper into the ocean of life.love is, without a doubt,  the essence of this world and everything in it. This feeling is more between the souls and less between the bodies, thus no love is complete without physical affection. Yet this intimacy of souls causes a heartwarming assurance of safety and support in the heart of the beholder. One cannot love, if they won’t open their heart and eyes to the lover, to the savior. Quotes about love are used to express love.

When you fall in love with someone, it’s a decision that you make, to protect that person, to love that person and to hold that person for the life long, that’s the only promise that becomes the most important one in the long run. Even if this hatred that the beloved feels for you, Just as martin Luther king said: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend”. Hence, once you love, you begin a [process of changing and being changed by someone. you rule the lover and become a slave’s of his sole happiness, that’s all that matters at that precise moment.

“To love or have loved, that is enough. Ask nothing further. There is no other pearl to be found in the dark folds of life.” – Victor Hugo

One who doesn’t love has seen least of happiness in this world. Love is a combination of feelings and emotions, attitude and care, friendship and marriage. It is what binds everything together in this universe. Those who wants to escape the misery of this world, always go on and find love for themselves.  This strong bond of affection gives strength and support. Hence, once you love, the beloved is all that is left for you to care about. It has been said that those who love, either destroy themselves, or the ones around them to keep their relationship from destruction. That’s how strong this attachment is. Those who understand this expression of love is more closer to mystic than any other person.

Those who love can understand their love more if they decipher the experiences of those before them, a way to understand someone’s emotions is by reading some awesome quotes about love, that give you an idea about love and being loves. You can download these quotes about love.

Jealous of Every Girllove sayings

Make Me Crylove quote

Look For Lovelove quote

Love For Youlove sayings

Loving Someonelove saying

Struggle With Insecurity


Don’t hate PeopleloveDirection is More Important than Speedlove quotes

Greatest Thing Can Produce is Characterlove quotesCelebrate The People in Your Life
love quotesTop of a Mountain in One Giant Jump
love quotes

Dies With Uslove quotes

Be Happylove quotes

Secret of Lifelove quotesAs Long we Chase Ghosts love quote

Love Generateslove quote

Loved You in Numberless Formslove quote

Be Who You Arelove quote

Worked Out With Someone Elsequotes on love

Smile in Troublequotes about love

Stay With Mequotes about love

Something We Acquirequotes about love

Marriagequotes about love

Finding Somone to Livequotes about love

Loving Kindnesslove sayingsWe Accept The Love

quotes about love
we accept the love

  Distance isn’t An Issue

quotes about love
Distance isn’t An Issue

You Wanna Know Who I’m

quotes about love
You Wanna Know Who I’m,read the first word again

I Fell In Love

quotes about love
I Fell In Love with you

Thinking of You

quotes about love
Thinking of You

Realize Mistake

quotes about love
Realize Mistake

Thank You For Being My Reason To Look Forward

quotes about love
Thank You For Being My Reason To Look Forward

I Love You The Mostquotes about love