11 best Korean songs of 2017- EXO and many more!!

Finally, the year is over. Surely, we are blessed with some amazing Kpop songs this year . Many of which have topped the international charts. Some of the most highly anticipated mvs have been released this year. And most of them belong to, of course, EXO!! This group has taken over our hearts. Along with Want to One and Red Velvet.



Many senior groups have also made a comeback. GGs comeback has melted many hearts. There also have been Sujus mixed feelings. Many amazing songs from all kinds of genres. Like RnB, Pop and Emd have been released. J-pop also popped our hearts with some amazing songs. EXO has topped the charts with its amazing vocals.

Following is the list of some of the best songs of 2017.

KoKbop- EXO

this song came and took us with storm. Powerful visuals and Kai’s dance took this song up the charts.

The Eve -Exo

One of the sexiest songs of 2017. A choreography that melted our hearts and much more (ehem !!) this was probably one the best songs by exo.

Mic Drop- BTS

What a Hype!!!!! THIS SONG WAS TOTALLLY TOTALLY HOSEOKS BITCH !! he nailed it better than anyone. Bts totally dissed everyone.


Powerful visuals. Powerful vocals. Notes high af. And so much more in this song. Also, a lot of intimate choreography.

Peak-a-Boo – Red Velvet

This year’s women song. a song that literally scared the shit outta everyone. Joy had one of the most amazing parts in this. She finally got what she deserved. i.e. a lot of love.

Really Really -Winner

Could be called “Jam of the Year”. everyone did “neol-chuwahe” for the whole year. With amazing vocals. This song topped the charts very fast.

As If It’s Your Last- BlackPink

A song that reminded everyone of 2NE1. A nostalgia.

Gashina- Sunmi

dancing queen at its climax. Amazing song with perfect dancing skills.

Don’t Wanna Cry- Seventeen

A song that bought me to SEVENTEEN. Emd song with perfect visuals

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